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NGO "Defenders of the Sky" is an organization created by the military and for the military.

The main goals are to support the families of servicemen of the Center Air Command, to implement social and charitable programs, to protect the copyrights of TM "The Ghost of Kyiv", in particular, the creation and development of projects related to the specified trademark, as well as other trademarks owned by is the NGO "Defenders of the Sky".

The NGO "Defenders of the Sky" is the right holder of the trademarks: "GHOST OF KYIV", "NIGHT GHOST", "GHOST OF KYIV", "NIGHT GHOST".

Obtaining certificates for the Ghost of Kyiv trademarks

A day of wonderful news for our public organization. After passing all the necessary procedures, the NGO Defenders of the Sky received the original certificates for the trademarks "PRIVID KYIV", "NICHNYY PRIVID", "GHOST OF KYIV", "NIGHT GHOST". Now the NGO "Defenders of the Sky" is the official right holder of these trademarks, as well as the well-known collective image of a pilot with a raised finger.

The work lasted almost a year, and was aimed at protecting the images born during the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, maintaining public awareness of the feats committed, a memory that should be carried through the generations, a legend that has become a national treasure. But the most important purpose of obtaining trademarks is to prevent speculation on the Heroic image of the defenders - the Ghost of Kyiv.

NGO Defenders of the Sky expresses its sincere thanks to the Ukrainian National Office of Intellectual Property and Innovation, and especially to:
- the head of the IP Office Olena Orlyuk;
- the first deputy director of the IP office Bogdan Paduchak;
- the deputy director of the IP office Vladyslav Bilotskyi.

Further, a large amount of work awaits us to popularize the image, implement many interesting projects, create attributes and art products, undeniable work for the benefit of the legendary servicemen of the Center Air Command.

Together to victory!

Mural "Ghost of Kyiv"

We must honor, remember and pass on to the next generations the knowledge about the achievements of the Ukrainian nation, and even more so about the heroic deeds during the full-scale invasion of the aggressor and the war. It was with such thoughts that the desire to create a mural came, which is dedicated primarily to the pilots of the legendary 40th tactical aviation brigade, who defend the sky over Kyiv day and night - known to all as "Ghosts of Kyiv". However, it should be noted that the title of Ghost of Kyiv is also held by all those pilots who defended the sky from the beginning of the full-scale invasion, including the pilots of the 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade and the pilots of the 39th Tactical Aviation Brigade. It was these brave and desperate pilots who were among the first to accept air combat, destroying enemy aircraft and preventing the enemy from capturing the airspace over Kyiv in the early days of a full-scale Russian invasion in 2022. At the cost of their own lives, they showed everyone - to be Ukraine, Kyiv will stand! How many pilots there were, who gave their lives, who remained alive and continues to fight, who trains and teaches the young generation of pilots, who already mastered modern F-16 aircraft, and who only plans to become the next of the Ghosts, no one knows... but that's how it was born legend... The idea of visualizing the mural came from the talented and already famous at that time artist - muralist Andrii Kovtun, who made his proposal to present the image of the Ghost of Kyiv on the wall of a historical building in the old Podil district in Kyiv. As a basis, the artist chose a photo of one of the pilots of the 40th Tactical Aviation Brigade, which all the pilots agreed represented them all, without singling out anyone personally. In the picture, the pilot is the "Ghost of Kyiv" in the cockpit of the legendary MiG-29 aircraft, which is in service with our Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. All Ukrainian and many international media wrote about the mural, there were many publications and posts on social media. networks, photos and videos from the opening got into the trends of search networks. History lives on and continues to bear the memory of the deeds and achievements of our Heroes! The mural is located at Kyiv city, Podilskyi district, str. Mezhyhirska 3.

WarGaming training initiative from the NGO "Defenders of the Sky" for children of servicemen of the Center Air Command

The year 2023 provided an opportunity to initiate and promote development programs for our children. In particular, a cool training program in 2D and 3D modeling for children of servicemen of the Center air command was launched. Training from the creators of the legendary world-class computer games World of Tanks and World of Planes from the Wargaming company and the Public Organization "Defenders of the Sky". The first step is the first group of children involved in 2D and 3D modeling courses, where children have the opportunity to reveal their creative potential and learn more about the interesting aspects of computer graphics, to look into the technologies of the future that are available today. This is just the beginning of the journey in the world of 2D and 3D modeling of these extraordinary children. This really important initiative by Wargaming and the Public Organization "Defenders of the Sky" contributes to the creation of positive conditions for the children of military personnel, which help them learn new skills, get an education and develop their interests. Such programs strengthen the social responsibility of companies and make a significant contribution to charitable activities. In addition, the creation of charitable programs for children of military personnel is a great way to express gratitude and support to their parents - those who serve in the units and units of the Center Air Command. This is another example of how companies make a significant contribution to improving the lives of military personnel and their families, and they deserve gratitude and support for such an initiative. We are proud that we can help children develop and overcome any challenges. Together we are stronger! P.S. The most successful and talented graduates of training programs apply for employment at WarGaming!

Mark of the PS of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the image of the Ghost of Kyiv

On October 14, 2022, the Day of Defenders of Ukraine, Ukrposhta issued new stamps dedicated to various branches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Among them was the long-awaited stamp with the "Ghost of Kyiv" in honor of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The author of the new series "Armed Forces of Ukraine" was the artist Anton Khrupin and his team, they made every effort to honor our heroes. The image of the "Ghost of Kyiv" stamp was based on an already created mural located on Podil in Kyiv. Anton and the team added an image to the stamp and designed it in the general style of the entire series. Parallax and contour graphics, matte colors, and a lot of white - space, respect and honor. All proceeds from the sale of this specific stamp went to the implementation of charity programs of the NGO "Defenders of the Sky", which take care of the interests of families and servicemen of the Center Air Command and subordinate units.

Celebration of St. Nicholas Day for families of servicemen PvK Center

All children simply adore the holiday of St. Nicholas - a day when there are notes of happiness in the air, and children are filled with new emotions😇 It is believed that if on this day you make the most cherished wish, turning to the saint, it will definitely come true. That is why Ukrainian children in recent years they write almost the same wish - they ask for the help of St. Nicholas to our Armed Forces. However, our Saint Nicholas manages to help not only the Armed Forces, but also does not forget about his main duties - children and their wishes😃. This year, the NGO "Defenders of the Sky" organized a great opportunity to make children's dreams come true and entertain the children of the Air Command "Center" and subordinate units. We gathered in a friendly atmosphere of an incredible place, watched the performance "Ice Heart", played interactive games, recited poems and received gifts from St. Nicholas, and of course took photos and shared our positive emotions with others 🎉❤️🔥📸
GO "Defenders of the Sky" express sincere thanks to our incredible partners, patrons and friends.


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